Barolo Piemonte

A Spoonful of Barolo by Faustina Gilbey Discover Barolo Whenever anyone mentions Barolo in Piedmont (Piemonte), I have this wonderful image of miles of ox-drawn carts loaded up with barrels of wine, being driven slowly through a 19th century picturesque Langhe landscape. So goes the story that in the mid 1800s the widowed Marchesa Falletti of Barolo, along with her neighbour and friend Camillo Benso di Cavour, decided to bring in new wine-making techniques from France in order to transform and improve the quality and output of their vineyards. Barolo before this time had basically only been producing a sweetish wine, but the resulting new superior ‘Barolo’ wine was proudly sent off in casks (supposedly about 350) to King Carlo Alberto in Turin as a gift from the Marchesa – an excellent marketing strategy – and he, in turn, gave his royal approval. Thus began Barolo’s climb to fame to becoming one of the finest wines in the world!  The ‘nebbiolo’ grape from which Barolo is produced has been grown in Piemonte for hundreds of years – maybe even as much as 2,000 years! It’s difficult to put a clear date to it – and it’s probably named after the … Continue reading Barolo Piemonte