Recipe from Piedmont

  An Italian Vineyard Recipe from Piedmont I heard on the grapevine that the vendemmia in Piemonte has already started! Moscato and Dolcetto grapes are on their way as we speak to making this year’s 2015 vintage, which is predicted to be good despite heavy rains early in the year. Cantina doors will be open for wine tastings and offerings of small ‘stuzzichini’ or snacks to eat whilst you sip the wine. Salamis, prosciutto & lardo; olives; grissini & crostini topped with pepperoni, anchovies, cheeses, a potato mayonnaise salad insalata russa…..and often bread slices with frankfurter & ketchup on top. Which reminds me of when I watched the ex-pat John Peter Sloan’s TV programme on Rai 5 the other day and listened to him recounting stories of his first years discovering Italy. He arrived from his hometown of Birmingham and whilst visiting Piedmont was served with great flourish and pride, tajarin al tartufo with shavings of the sublime white truffle of Alba. The dish looked rather bland to him whereupon he committed the ultimate sin of asking for tomato ketchup. The waiters were rightly scandalised and ignored his table from then on….and I have to say I shuddered myself! So I … Continue reading Recipe from Piedmont